Reminiscing on my first Coachella experience

I would have to say for my first time being at Coachella – I had to get a fruit picture and this watermelon was just the right fit for it! And it def. quenched my thirst and filled my belly up from all the heat throughout the day! The fruit stands sold various fruits and juices for $5-$7, including pineapple, watermelon, coconut and mixture of these juices!

Top: shirt from Forever 21
shorts from Urban Outfitters
from Oh Man Clothing

To finish the “look” of my first experience at Coachella, I had to get this clean lookin’ white floral crown from Forever 21It topped off the basic coachella look ^^ and got me into the festival mood as well!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to save my other food photos from the weekend due to limited space on my phone -.- but the only thing I would have to say is definitely have Ca$h with you when you go to Coachella. The ATM’s run out of cash real quick – & only few places accept cards!

Top: Fringed Floral Crochet Tank from Forever 21Jeanne Bralette from Brandy Melville
Bottom: Crochet-trimmed shorts from Forever 21

Despite the whole Madonna kissin Drake on stage incident- It was really nice to finally have a break from work and reality through this experience and I cannot wait to go again next year! This little mini vacay was a very good start of my spring and when next time comes around I will have to look for all the foodie places I missed! 🙂 until next time, FF.

*my inspiration for this blog is dedicated to–> Buzzfeed: The Food at Coachella Looked Insane this Year

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