A trip to remember

If you haven’t noticed, literally everyone and their moms are traveling the world right now. I’ve been wanting to travel to all these places but with my hectic work schedule, I am only allowed to get few days of vacation days for the year. This year my friends decided to plan a short cruise trip to Ensenada. I’ve been to Ensenada before but this time it was more special because I was able to spend time with my closest friends 🙂

So… what do you do in Ensenada, Mexico as a foodie?

Well, here are couple things that I got to try that I definitely recommend if you visit Ensenada.

At La Bufadora, probably the most place visited on any Ensenada cruise you go onto, you HAVE to try these clams:

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

honestly you guys, these were probably the best street selling seafood that I’ve ever tried, I can’t eve explain what it exactly tatste like. Clams filled with onions, cilantro- topped with shrimp and hot sauce and squeeze a hint of lime on top……. yeah…

Next, you can’t miss these frozen pineapples filled with tequila and pina colada. These you guys, are literally sold EVERYWHERE. and if you want to get day drunk, this is the way to go. They are refreshing and most of the times the amigos will refill just the tequila for … sometimes no charge!

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I honestly don’t drink much, but these were definitely worth to try and kept me cool under the heat in the summer sun 🙂

Last but not least, one of my favorite snacks to have there was these mangos 😀

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

You can try to imitate making these anywhere at home.. but mangos with chamoy in Mexico cannot compare to what we have here.  A little messy to eat, but it wasn’t hard to finish whats shown on the picture.

A short trip, but I definitely would have to say my friends and I made our time worth it. First time going zip linings (although I was deathly afraid of heights), visiting La Bufadora, trying different taco places and to trying world famous ceviche in a cart (picture wasn’t taken since my phone died 😦 This trip definitely made me realize that I should make more time in traveling to try different things around the world.


until next time,

Fof ❤

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