California sweater-cuddle-tease weather.

Growing up in the midwest makes me miss having the 4 seasons so much. Here in California we got 80 degrees in the middle of November, but I guess I’m not complaining too much. With the elections over and so much stress across the nation I decided to finally post about few of my looks for this season. Writing a blog helps me get away from everything. Just sit here, focus… and share my ideas (good and bad) with you guys.

This past weekend I had my photoshoot with Andy Chen (check out his foodstagram too @2dollartacos) – had SO much fun. Thank you Andy for making the shoot go so smoothly too!! ūüôā


One of my favorite outfits when it gets a little chilly out, especially on my way to work. Sometimes in the morning when I get ready for work, it is so damn cold in my room that I end up over layering… Then once I’m out for lunch break I realize that it is 70 degrees out… but hey I still look cute in my layers right?

*Seam Detail Leggings from Zara:
*Heel Detail Ankel Boots from Zara:
*Cape from Banana Republic:

img_1029img_1027img_1023img_1022img_1025img_1020img_1018I think only in California, or another state with warm weather- you can pair a thick sweater and beanie… with shorts. I’ve always tried to do that when I was in high school… you know, the whole “sweatshirt and shorts weather” when it turned to 40 degrees in March – because that was such a warm weather coming form a 20 degree winter.

*oversized sweater from Zara:
*beanie from Forever 21:
*shorts from Urban Outfitters:
*tennis shoes from Puma:
*thigh high boots from ZooShoo:
*grey beanie with ears from Earth Bound Co:


I’m just really hoping that the weather will cool down so that we can start layering up here in Cali. So weather please stop teasing us and let us have the sweather-cuddle-weather now!


until next time,

Fof ‚̧

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