Hey guys!

I just received this product from DiviniTi and I just wanted to share some reviews with you guys 🙂

What is this for?
-okay so that is what I was wondering when I got the product. This product is made with 100% rose quartz which is great for beauty, healing, circulation, and relaxes your facial muscles!

What does it come with?
1 Rose Quartz Roller & 1 Gua Sha

How do we use the product?
-Cleanse your face and put the tools in the freezer! Especially in the summertime it is nice to keep it cold and massage your face with it after 🙂
-Put moisturizer on, then take the tools out of the freezer
-Roll the Rose Quartz roller in a DOWNWARD and OUTWARD motion, working from your forehead toward your neck. Start by using it on one side of the face first then move on to the other.
-Gua Sha- keep the tool at a 15 degree angle to the skin, almost flat against the skin. Start from the center of your forehead above the eyebrow out to the temple, and drage across the eyebrows and under the eye outwards. Sweep across your cheeks, chin and push everything down the neck.

I don’t really massage my face much but honestly this product is pretty amazing at relaxing your face at home! Can’t visit the massage parlor? Get the product here and try it at home!

Thank you DiviniTi for this amazing product!

<3, Fof.

Check out DiviniTi’s website here.

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