Glen Ivy Hot Springs


Hi everyone 🙂 This past month I had the opportunity to stop by Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona and experience what they were all about with my gals ❤ I have seen photos and have heard about this place and I was super excited to visit to see what they had to offer! Thru this post I hope to give you all the inside scoop on what to expect at Glen Ivy!

First, we were greeted with warm welcome at the front and had a tour shown. If you are not good at reading a map like me..! Make sure to have a staff show you around! Everyone is happy to have you there 🙂


In the front, they have a small shop with Starbucks called GOCO Cafe, and the atmosphere of this little shop is way too cute!

At Glen Ivy, you can find many different pools and hot tubs. Here are few that might interest you! Some pools also offer activities and yoga, so make sure to look at the schedule when you arrive!


After checking the front out, you can stop at their bath house to change into your swim suits and robes that they provide. Their bath house has a nice hot tub in the back as well called the Roman Bath that you might just miss so don’t forget to look for it! The bath house also has enough showers and large mirrors so don’t worry, there will be enough room for everyone 🙂

So, here are some spas and hot tubs you can enjoy

-Roman Bath – located inside the bath house
-Paradise Falls
-Cold & Hot Plunge Pool – make sure to use both! You can almost feel an electric shock feeling by doing so xD also, super good for your skin and muscles!
-Saline Pool- this one was my personal favorite!
-Vista Pool
-Lap Pool
-Mineral Baths- AMAZING!!
& so much more you can find here.


Let’s talk about the mud bath. If you are planning on doing the Grotto treatment here, make sure to do the mud bath before you head down to the Grotto! It is highly recommended 🙂


This was my first mud bath that I was able to enjoy and I had an amazing time! It is a large pool where you can go find the mud in the middle and paint yourself with it! Let it dry- they even have a mild sauna where you can relax if you don’t want to be out in the sun! After you let it dry, make sure you wash everything away with the showers that are provided in Club Mud.


The Grotto Treatment

Can’t forget a spa treatment when you are at a hot spring! We finished our spa day (before our meal) with their amazing Grotto Treatment. Grotto treatment is an ultimate moisturizing experience that takes you into a subterranean setting which sets the tone for a truly unique experience. A silky body masque of warm aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus and lavender is carefully painted from neck-to-toe by one of Glen Ivy’s experienced attendants. These carefully chosen ingredients nourish the skin leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalized. The journey continues in the warm Hydration Chamber where the masque works its magic on your skin. The treatment concludes with a refreshing shower and time in the restoring cool chamber with refreshments. Unlike traditional body treatments, The Grotto can be a group experience, allowing guests to travel through four specialized, underground chambers while enjoying the company of friends (you can find it here). Make sure to book this treatment for only $25 here!

My own experience of the Grotto was amazing. When they first painted my body with the warm lotion all over, I could tell my body was soaking up the hydration it was lacking. Once we sat in the warm hydration chamber I almost fell asleep! One note, you can use this lotion in your hair for a nice hair mask as well!! When you are ready to wash up, take your time because the lotion is a bit hard to take off but honestly the end results will be so worth it! Once you are done and out of it, you can enjoy their teas and apples. Nice little refreshments before you are ready to go back upstairs 🙂

Find out what other treatments Glen Ivy offers here!


Once we have finished our Grotto treatments, we headed back to the bath house and got cleaned up for our late lunch! If I haven’t mentioned already, their bath house provide shampoo, conditioner, hair comb, blow dryer, swim suit dryer… and so much more- if you thought you forgot something, they will definitely have it there for you 🙂

Glen Ivy’s Kitchen

Glen Ivy has amazing amenities for their spas but they also have an amazing kitchen that you do not want to miss out on. They recently released a brand new menu with the help of their executive chef, Micah Severeid, and combining its menu with what their bar has to offer is even amazing! Here are some items we were able to try:

Inside the restaurant!
You can enjoy their amazing nachos outdoors too!
My personal fave ^ Poke Salad!!
So refreshing!!!
Don’t forget to pair your meal with a drink!


Glen Ivy Special ❤

My experience at Glen Ivy was way more than what I had expected. From their kind hospitality to amazing cuisines, it is truly a place where you definitely want to keep the whole day free and relax with your friends and family. It is an amazing spot for a girls weekend getaway, mother-daughter fun, family fun and a date place.


Guess we know where you will be going next weekend huh? 😉

❤ Fof.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Location: 25000 Glen Ivy Road, Corona, CA 92883
Hours of operation: 9a-6p (other later hours offered. Please visit here.)
Price:  M-F $49 / Sat-Sun & Holidays $68 (Other services not included)

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