K-Town Funk; a Universal story.

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For our one year anniversary we decided to take a little field trip to Universal Studios. Growing up in the mid-west, I didn’t have a chance to grow up with having Disneyland or Universal in my back-yard so I was able to feel like a litto kid once again since it was my first experience here 🙂

A little rainy weather didn’t stop me from having fun though; and with my mint fuzzy knit top from Forever 21 – I was kept warm and cozy.

I was having too much fun here that I didn’t even get a chance to really eat what they had, and since Universal is pretty pricey with their food so we decided to save our stomach for something del-ish in K-town.

Top: fuzzy knit from Forever 21
black slim pants from H&M
Purse: crossbody from Tory Burch
Shoes: boots from Cathy Jean

Nothing fancy, though, for our one-year; I made him take me to a spot thats known for my favorite Korean dish- Gamjatang.   Ham Ji Park BBQ is located in K-town, kind of hidden from the streets. This place is pretty packed on the weekends but the service is on TOP of the game. They ordered our food even before we got sat so that our food was all ready to come out when we were seated (not cold of course!).


This dish, here is Gamjatang. A lot of Koreans do mistake it as a “Potato (gamja) soup (tang)” but the gamja actually is a part of a cow not the potatoes that is in the soup ^^ You can definitely taste all the spices and peppers through each bite you take and it will fill you up in no time with all the potatoes and beef hidden in the soup!


This dish here is what Ham Ji Park is mostly known for – their pork BBQ. The best combo with my gamjatang that’s for sure! (this was my bae’s choice). I definitely recommend this place, even with two dishes it would make at least three stomachs full !

until next time, FF

Wanna know how Gamjatang is prepped?  < Maangchi >has got it for you.

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