Pala Casino & Resort- San Diego, CA


IMG_0307This past weekend I had the opportunity to get  full experience at Pala Casino & Resort. Didn’t really know what exactly to expect, but I definitely was able to gain more than what I could have asked for! The crew and I, were looking forward for this adventure and I am SO excited to share my experience with you guys ❤

First, we checked in at 11am – early check in? yes of course! The hotel so accommodating, they let us check in early 🙂 My first feel of the hotel is – clean, and as a non-smoker, I really respected that their casino area was non-smoking. Now I don’t have to feel bad about breathing in smoke while I have fun gambling! The atmosphere, vibe is all clean all around. Also, can’t forget about their staff! All members of his hotel were so nice, friendly and helpful. Anywhere you went you are greeted by one of their friendly staff members with a smile, so that you don’t have to feel scared to ask any questions about the hotel!

Our first check in point was Luis Reys’. It’s lunch time and we are HUNGRY~! Of course when we got there we were just ready to order the whole menu.


Luis Reys’

  • Fun Fact about Luis Reys’ : you can count me on this, and believe me- they have one of the FRESHE-IST seafood in any hotels I’ve ever tasted. They keep their seafood at a certain temperature in a designated room. It’s all serious business! you guys, if you wanted to go check it out, you even need a special card to get in!
  • My favorite on the menu: Shrimp Ceviche (pictured). Seriously so fresh and so juicy, you do not want to miss this one out.
  • HAPPY HOUR : Everyday from 4pm-7pm Luis Reys’ provides $1 street taco for their happy hour. Get lucky, win money and come in for a taco party. 50 tacos? no problem, they will provide you with ALL the tacos you need 🙂
Crispy Shrimp
Shrimp Ceviche
Calamari Rings
Lobster Roll


Now that we have filled out tummies with great food, it was time to check out the spa. Once we were walked over to the spa, we checked in and was introduced to what the hotel offered.


Pala Spa

  • They have spas separated for each gender. Each spa has showers, hot tub, all body power shower, steam room (that smells like lavender!!), sauna, and an outdoor area with 2 beautiful showers! Also, they have these little cucumbers sliced so you can put them on your face.. or eat them if you really want xD
  • Outside of the spa is the co-ed area where you can hang out and/or wait for a special spa service – facials or body massage? I would recommend you to put your name down early so you can get your relaxin done on time!
  • You can also work out here at the spa. Full gym is ready for you to stay fit!
  • They also provide a salon service. If you are looking for an up-do, you know where to go 🙂
  • Just around the corner is their swimming pool. You can relax at one of their cabanas that has a fridge to cool down your drinks to a server who will take care of your hungry needs. Did I mention that they have a TV inside? We definitely watched Food Network while we were relaxin there 😉


view from cabana

Relaxin’ time was sweet and short, but we had to get back on track for our food experience. Dinner was at The Cave, one of their most popular places to eat.


The Cave

Food is important, but when you are at The Cave, so is wine. At 6pm, they open their Cave Bar, where you take the stairs that leads downstairs to where they keep the wine. If I can explain to you clearly, their wine list is a book, while the food menu is a pamphlet. If you are into wine, you must visit The Cave and see what wines they keep here. Okay, but first, let’s talk about dinner.

Thanks to The Cave, I was able to experience my first Escargot, and it was amazing!! Their scallop dish is also a plate you do not want to miss out on, especially if you pair it with their broccolini, your tummy will thank you. The Cave has specials and we were able to try the Pork Chop with Risotto. If you are recommended their specials for the night, I would say definitely go for it. These specials are just for one night, and if you miss out on it they never come back. These dishes will only come back if it has been requested by many and even with that, it could take couple months!! Thanks to the chef, we were able to experience so many great dishes.

Pork Chop with Risotto
Creme Brulee
Key Lime Pie
Amazing Desserts!!

The next morning, we woke up early so we could get our hands on their famous buffet first. Make sure to line up early because this line will grow fast. Even if the line is long, trust me, you do not want to lose your spot in line and it is worth the wait.


Pala Buffet

They have so many varieties in the buffet. Salad bar, fruit, soup, asian, Mexican, seafood (raw & cooked), meat, dessert, and a station where a chef makes your own omelet! Not to mention, their dessert bar has HALO HALO ❤ If you are into ube, their ube ice cream is made in house.

  • AYCE LOBSTER TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS! — this is what Pala is known for, and let me tell you – the lobster is SO fresh and if you haven’t been here yet – I hope that you will very soon!


Pala is not just a hotel with a casino, but it’s a place where you can really relax, have fun, and experience great cuisines as well.  I am blessed to have gotten this opportunity to get to know what the hotel is about, and I will definitely be back soon to experience what I haven’t yet. If you are looking for a small getaway, or even a big getaway- this is a great place to be. If you need a place for a wedding, Pala also hosts weddings. Concerts? they’ve got that too. Overall, you can really make anything happen here. I was able to create great memories and learned so much about different cuisines as well. Thank you Erika and the Pala team! I will be back soon!! ❤



❤ Fof.

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