#SKOOP !!! by Nekter


During summer season I feel like I’m consistently struggling with weight watching and finding all the different dessert out there to cool me down. This year my goal is to find healthy alternatives to stay guilt free and enjoy what makes me feel good in the heat! Thanks to Nekter, I think I have found one of my healthy alternatives for the summer ❤


SKOOP by Nekter is a new dessert in town that everyone must try!! Here are few deets on what the #SKOOP is all about 😉

  • Dairy-free, gluten free && soy free
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or refined sugars
  • All Skoops are made FRESH!
  • It consists of pure & clean ingredients!
  • 1 Skoop is only $4.25
  • Currently available in flavors: Chocolate Bliss, Viva Vanilla
  • Soon to come: Activated coconut Charcoal & Blue-Green Algae


Thanks to Gigasavvy, I was able to experience and be one of the first to try this wonderful Skoop by Nekter! When they mentioned no artificial colors, flavors or refined sugars I could really taste that these ice creams were made fresh and clean. Adding fresh toppings on top also enhanced the flavor – it was like a party in my mouth, a healthy party. Honestly, I attended the launch party right before my vegas trip and felt guilty to eat so many of these since I was on that “vegas diet,” but even after I ate few Skoops I didn’t feel guilty at all knowing how healthy these were 🙂 – side note..! The Nekter HQ is SUPER CUTE!!!

I really recommend you guys to try the product, and here is how! on June 9th from 6pm to closing- Nekter is hosting FREE SKOOP DAY at over 30 Nekter locations!! (click here for more info). Feel free to share with me how your experience was – I would love to hear it ❤


Hope you guys are able to try these, if you need more info feel free to msg me 🙂 if not click here and here.

until next time,

❤ FoodieonFleek.

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